4 Best Baseball Games On PS4

When it comes to gaming, most sports fans have a dedicated video game franchise they turn to when purchasing a new game.

The Madden franchise is synonymous with the NFL. NBA 2K is synonymous with the NBA. When it comes to baseball, gamers and baseball fans alike need to know what game is the best. Here are the 4 best baseball games on PS4. 

1. MLB The Show

Price: $59.99

MLB The Show is the best game on the market, and has been for years. The game offers multiple gameplay modes, such as the standard, Exhibition, Franchise and Home Run Derby modes. It also offers an in-depth, Road to the Show mode where gamers can create their own player. Then, they build him up through the minors while improving his attributes and take him on the road to superstardom in the major leagues. 

One of the best features of MLB The Show is that it offers a chance for gamers to equip their players with the very same equipment their favorite players have worn on the field for years. Examples include Wilson A2000 fielding gloves to Mike Trout’s Nike Diamond Elite Pro batting gloves. This touch of realism adds to the gaming experience for both hardcore gamers and die-hard fans who dreamed of playing in the pros. 

Online play includes the Diamond Dynasty mode where gamers collect prizes for playing head-to-head with other gamers. Gamers are able to build their own teams, striking the perfect balance for their squad. 

Offline Diamond Dynasty mode includes a feature called Moments. This includes recent real-life game situations where the gamer is put in the shoes of the player in a given situation. Examples include needing to make that final out or make the game-winning hit. By completing these challenges, players are able to accumulate even more prizes. These prizes are then used in several of the game’s modes. 


  • Realistic game modes
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Real-world equipment for players


  • Price
  • Learning curve

2. RBI Baseball

Price: $19.99

RBI Baseball first started in 1987 but ceased production between 1995 and 2014. Overall, this game is a solid choice for the casual gamer who enjoys an arcade style gameplay. Some casual gamers may not like the more realistic, baseball-centric style MLB The Show offers. 

However, even though it is more of an arcade style game, there are still modes that appeal to fans of The Show. There is an Exhibition mode where gamers pick their teams and simply press play. A Franchise mode exists for players who want to build a winner and take their team all the way to a World Series victory. 

Another positive of RBI Baseball is that it is designed for the casual gamer. This includes someone who may not have played other baseball video games before. In that sense, RBI Baseball prides itself on its ability for anyone to play it straight away without a learning curve. This is the one drawback of the first video game on the list. 

Besides the gameplay and its overall fun style, RBI Baseball is a more economical version, coming in at a price tag of $19.99. This is great for casual gamers who want the fun and excitement of a baseball video game, but do not necessarily have the money for a more expensive game. 


  • Arcade style gameplay
  • No learning curve
  • Price


  • Not as realistic
  • Lack of depth in gameplay

3. Super Mega Baseball 3

Price: $44.99

Much in the vein of the previous title on this list, Super Mega Baseball 3 offers a fun and exciting arcade style gaming experience. Missing real baseball players or teams, Super Mega Baseball 3 is reminiscent of throwback titles like Backyard Baseball. Its gameplay is laid back and it is all about the overall gaming experience. 

The game might sell itself on a fun, arcade style experience, but the gaming motions are still realistic. There are no crazy moves or boosters involved. This gives players the chance to enjoy the beauty of baseball without needing to know anything about the current state of baseball. 

One major addition to this year’s version is that a Franchise mode was added. Over multiple seasons, gamers can develop their team into proven winners and dominate their opponents. This includes creating a training regimen for players and even controlling their diet. This added feature pleases the gamer who enjoys playing this mode, but is more of a general fan of baseball. 

Overall, Super Mega Baseball 3 captures the pure joy that comes with playing and watching baseball. Simply press play and you are ready to go. Some of the titles on this list have a steep learning curve, but this video game does not. 


  • Throwback to older baseball games
  • Game modes for all gamer levels
  • Realistic gameplay


  • Price
  • Does not include real MLB teams or players

4. MLB Home Run Derby VR

Price: $9.99

MLB Home Run Derby VR stands out from the other titles on this list because it offers an immersive gameplay experience by using VR technology. Gamers can use a VR headset to step foot in 25 MLB stadiums and participate in a timed home run derby just like the pros do. 

The game features a motion based control system meaning the gamer has full control over the speed of their swing and the power behind it. This makes the gamer feel like they are the ones crushing the longballs. Even better, gamers can choose a left-handed or right-handed version, and they can adjust the difficulty settings. 

In discussing the other titles on this list, arcade style gameplay came up quite often. MLB Home Run Derby VR knocks that component out of the park with its 3D animation that makes MLB ballparks come alive for the player. 

Overall, this is the most fun and appealing title to gamers, no matter their relationship with the sport of baseball. Grab your VR headsets, pay your $9.99 and start knocking baseballs out of the ballpark. 


  • Immersive gameplay experience
  • VR technology and 3D animations
  • Price


  • No game modes besides Home Run Derby
  • Must have VR headset to use

Final Thoughts

Overall, all four of these titles are excellent selections for PS4 gamers. They all fit a different niche of the market. If you are a gamer who is a diehard baseball fan, MLB The Show is the perfect choice.

However, if you are a casual gamer or baseball fan, any of the other three titles are a great choice. The decision comes down to three points. Gameplay, experience with gaming and baseball, and cost. 

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