4 Best Baseball Games on PC

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and many fans love to play baseball games on their respective consoles. The most popular baseball game is “MLB The Show”, which is a Playstation exclusive.

With that being said, there are still plenty of great options for gamers who want to play baseball games on their PC.

This list will explore the 4 best baseball games on PC right now.

1. Out of the Park Baseball 22

  • Price: $39.99

Be the boss of your very own Major League Baseball franchise! Out of the Park Baseball 22 is a baseball management game which features all new 3D stadiums for every MLB club, an all-new coaching system with major impact across your franchises, and an upgraded Ballpark Construction Kit 2.0 that lets you design your dream stadium.

Stand at the helm as GM or field manager to navigate player careers; sign contracts; draft talent; trade players; set depth charts positions, create lineups, manage injuries, align staffs including scouts and trainers.

You can also simulate games down to the pitch-by-pitch detail as if it were real life. The pitching simulation is particularly refined, showing different ball/strike outcomes with each pitch that goes by. Out of the Park Baseball 22 is currently the highest rated baseball game on Steam.

Top Customer Reviews on Steam:

“This game is amazing. For me better than Football Manager in its depth. The match engine is much improved on last years version. I clocked up over 1500 hours on last years version and that was having the game crash every 40 odd mins. So Far no crashes. Addicted to this game.”

“A game for people who like spreadsheets or watched Moneyball and want to live out a Sabermetrics fantasy. The best baseball game on PC, and I’d argue best sports management game as well.” – Groza

2. Super Mega Baseball 3

  • Price: $44.99

Super Mega Baseball 3 is the newest entry in the critically-acclaimed baseball game franchise.

With an intuitive control scheme that makes baseball accessible to all players, endless customization options to tailor every game and league, and a brand new Online Leagues Mode (1v1, online only), Super Mega Baseball 3 will change the way you think about sports games.

While the graphics are cartoonish stylistically, the game strikes a perfect balance between players who want a hardcore simulation; and those who like the offense-heavy, arcade-style sports games.

At the very least, you’re offered plenty of control for each individual player, allowing you to express the playstyle you want. Whether you’re a veteran looking to dive right in or a newbie finding your footing, this game has it all.

It comes complete with customizable teams, leagues, and player names/appearances for maximum customization. The solo mode is perfect for those that want to take on the opposition without having to deal with friends who keep talking during the big moment!

Top Customer Reviews on Steam:

“It’s like Ken Griffrey Jr and Nintendo Wii made a baseball game in 2020. This is my first baseball game since 2014 and it’s a good one.”

“I’ve never played or followed baseball before but I’m addicted”

3. All-In-One Sports VR

  • Price: $19.99

Note: This game is a virtual reality game, so you must have VR hardware to play.

While this game has more sports than just baseball (including archery, boxing, bowling, etc.), it deserves a mention as being one of the top baseball games on PC. At the moment, All-In-One Sports VR is the only VR game on the market which allows you to both hit and pitch.

As a result, All-In-One Sports VR might be the best video game on the market which allows you to practice your actual baseball related hand-eye coordination!

There is also a deep character customization feature, which you can use to create characters that look like they’re part of your favourite MLB team – or a team you’ve played on in the past.

As a whole, the game also offers real-time PvP multiplayer for all sports (except boxing currently). Still in Early Access, the developers are slowly adding more features to the game – making it a great purchase in its early stages as the value is sure to go up from its current price of $19.99 USD.

The developers also explain that All-In-One Sports VR uses Olympic rules, so it’s great for learning new games in a realistic setting. 

Top Customer Reviews on Steam:

“I got it primarily for the baseball and so far its the only baseball game in VR that lets you pitch to someone who will hit the ball, and also (kinda) play a few innings of a game. It definitely has potential.”

“It’s a fun game. It’s a sort of compendium of sports games. In addition to the good balance in the single-player game, there’s also an online presence. Cool graphics, good physics and a lot of fun, that’s what you get from this game.”

4. Bottom of the 9th

  • Price: $1.00

By far the most inexpensive game on our list, Bottom of the 9th is the best bang-for-your-buck baseball game for PC gamers out there. Unlike the other games on the list which offer real-time batting and pitching, Bottom of the 9th is unique in the sense that it is a turn-based tactical game.

Bottom of the 9th captures the strategic depth which the game of baseball provides, using cards and dice to determine actions taken. You can also choose from a number of dynamic pitchers who can lead you to victory by throwing off the strategy of your opponent.

Fun for baseball enthusiasts, Bottom of the 9th offers both single and multiplayer gameplay. You can either play online or even using the same device as your friends! The game also features a ranked system where you can compete for the #1 spot against players across the world.

Top Customer Reviews on Steam:

“A digital adaptation of a board game that recreates the end of a baseball match, the batting team must make one point to win. The main mechanic is ingenious: the batter tries to guess where the pitcher will throw the ball (four choices).”

“Digitally speaking, Bottom of the 9th on digital platform is straightforward. For the $5 I paid for it, it will be one of those ‘exploding gems’ that gives way, way, way more value than the cost.”

What’s The Verdict?

While the PS4 and PS5 might be king when it comes to baseball games thanks to its exclusive rights to the “MLB The Show” series, the PC is no slouch when it comes to having fun titles. Despite all having a central theme of baseball, there are great games on this list which come from different genres!

For management lovers who get excited by the stats, roster building, and the planning needed to run the franchise, Out of the Park Baseball 22 offers the most comprehensive experience among gaming platforms.

For people who are used to the traditional style of gameplay with a controller or mouse/keyboard, Super Mega Baseball 3 is a great pick for simulation-style and arcade-style gamers alike.

For those who want to play baseball with a VR headset and want to work on their game at home, All-In-One Sports VR lets them practice their throwing, hitting, and also lets them play other sports too.

And lastly, for people who want to simulate the tension and strategy involved at the end of a close baseball game, check out Bottom of the 9th. It offers baseball gameplay in an innovative board game style, focusing on the strategy a team manager might think about in the final innings.

No matter what type of baseball gameplay you’re looking for, there’s an option for you on the PC.

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