4 Best Baseball Games on Xbox One

Finding yourself immersed in a virtual sports world is the next best thing to playing the sport in real life. Video games bring the childhood dream of playing professional baseball alive.

Unlike other consoles, there is a limited selection of baseball video games for Xbox One. Here are the 4 best baseball games on Xbox One. 

1. MLB The Show 21

Price: $39.99

MLB The Show 21 is by far the best baseball game on the market. For years, it was only exclusive to Playstation consoles.

Now, Xbox One users can experience the immersive gameplay experience gamers get with this game. The game features multiple gameplay modes. This includes Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, Franchise, and Home Run Derby. 

Road to the Show is a popular option for gamers who dream of playing in the pros. Gamers start off as a minor league player building their skills. Once they are good enough, they can become an elite superstar in the major leagues.

An added feature of Road to the Show is that players can use the same equipment the pros do. The equipment is ranked in tiers. Each tier and equipment item boosts ratings of the player in different categories. This helps the player become better faster. 

Diamond Dynasty features the ability to build your own team and either play online or offline. The roster is composed of current and former players, including former legends. 

Another fun mode is called Moments. In this mode, players can play exciting moments that have happened each week during the regular season. The objective is to recreate the outcome of that real-life moment. Players can also play moments from different ballplayers’ careers. 

One downside to the game is that there is a learning curve. The gameplay mechanics, while smooth, can take a few sessions to get used to. However, once a gamer gets the hang of it, they should have no further issues. 

With the 2021 MLB season almost over, fans can find this game at a reduced price, almost $20 cheaper than it started at. If a gamer wants the most realistic experience, this is the game for them.  


  • Realistic game modes
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Real-world equipment for players


  • Price
  • Learning curve

2. MLB RBI Baseball 21

Price: $19.99

RBI Baseball first started in 1987 but ceased production between 1995 and 2014. Overall, this game is a solid choice for casual gamers who enjoys arcade-style gameplay. Some casual gamers may not like the more realistic, baseball-centric style MLB The Show 21 offers. 

Despite a reliance on arcade-style gameplay, MLB RBI Baseball 21 still has qualities that appeal to hardcore baseball fans. If a gamer wants to turn it on and play right away, Exhibition mode is the best option. Pick the teams, the stadium, set the line-up, and play. It is that easy. 

The game also offers a Franchise mode. In this mode, gamers are in charge of building a team capable of winning a World Series. Gamers can still play the games in this mode as well. 

The biggest positive of this game is that it is perfect for the casual gamer. If someone has not played a baseball game before, they can still find it easy to play this game. 

Compared to MLB The Show 21, RBI Baseball 21 has a limited learning curve. Anyone can immediately start playing and have the fun they deserve. 

MLB RBI Baseball 21 is an economical, fun option for any gamer. It is perfect for casual gamers and casual baseball fans. 


  • Arcade style gameplay
  • No learning curve
  • Price


  • Not as realistic
  • Lack of depth in gameplay

3. Super Mega Baseball 3

Price: $44.99

Super Mega Baseball 3 offers a fun arcade-style gameplay. It is a throwback to older baseball games like Backyard Baseball.

The game does not feature real players or real teams. Instead, it is all fictional. This might sound disheartening to hardcore, or even casual, baseball fans. One of the appeals of sports games is using real players and teams. 

While the game features fun, arcade-style gameplay, the gaming motions are realistic and lifelike. There are no crazy movesets or turbo-charged boosters that some arcade sports games have featured in the past. This aspect fits well for someone who wants to play a baseball video game, but might not know anything about the current state of the game. 

In this edition, the game features a Franchise mode. Gamers have the chance to build their team, develop the players, and become winners.

The developing option goes as far as choosing players’ exercise routines and diets. This feature fits well for someone who wants the team-building option, but is indifferent on whether it is with real players or not. 

Super Mega Baseball 3 is the best example of a video game that encapsulates the joy that comes from playing baseball. In addition, there is little to no learning curve for this game. 


  • Throwback to older baseball games
  • Game modes for all gamer levels
  • Realistic gameplay


  • Price
  • Does not include real MLB teams or players

4. MLB RBI Baseball 20

Price: $19.99

With limited current baseball video game options on the market, let us take a look at a slightly older title. MLB RBI Baseball 20 is the previous year’s version of MLB RBI Baseball 21. 

MLB RBI Baseball 20 served as a soft reboot for the game. It took the components of previous versions and incorporated more realistic components.

Mainly, the pitching and hitting mechanics changed for the better. Developers were able to make changes that made sense to existing players, but remained true to the simplistic, arcade-style gameplay. 

One of the biggest benefits of this game is pick-up and playability. All of the gameplay mechanics are simplistic and quick. Players now get the ability to incorporate more realistic pitching and hitting options. This is a bonus for players who want a little more than just an arcade game. 

The biggest flaw of the game is not incorporating the signature motions of hitters and pitchers. Younger generations often want to emulate their favorite player. With the recycled motions in the game, not every player is true to life. This might be disappointing for younger gamers. 

Franchise mode exists in this version. True to the pick-up and play mentality, the mode is simpler than versions of it in other game titles. Immediately start playing games after a few roster tweaks.

Unlike other game titles, there is no need to worry about setting ticket prices or finding cash flow. That option would feel burdensome and out of place for this game. 

Overall, this game is a perfect option for those who simply want to play virtual baseball. This is not anywhere close to a simulation game. Nor are there a lot of game modes. It is fun, simple, and to the point. 


  • Price
  • Simplicity
  • Easy game play mechanics


  • Not for gamers who want full experience
  • Recycled hitter and pitcher motions

Final Thoughts

Overall, all four of these titles are excellent selections for Xbox One gamers. They all fit a different niche of the market. If you are a gamer who is a diehard baseball fan, MLB The Show is the perfect choice.

However, if you are a casual gamer or baseball fan, any of the other three titles are a great choice. The decision comes down to three points. Gameplay, experience with gaming and baseball, and cost.

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